March 15, 2014

Bad research gone bad

Mumbles presented this fanciful bit of research a while ago (hey, you're lucky I'm posting stuff from weeks ago, rather than years back), seemingly with a straight bat.  It's utter rubbish, but it's this sort of tosh that will only encourage the ALP to continue on their steady path to irrelevance. 

The sample size, a handful of former ACTU leaders, spread over many decades, is so statistically insignificant in itself that it's irrelevant.

The illustration, and conclusion, are absurd, even for academics with an extreme left agenda to drive.  If only the ALP had run 28 former ACTU leaders they would have won the 2013 election? 

This has to be joke research (and that's always fun, isn't it).  

There aren’t 28 former ACTU leaders, and if there ever had been, they wouldn’t be that many left alive. 

An equally true statement, at no cost and with no research whatsoever:  if the ALP had run 28 better candidates, with a background in the real world, all who had held real jobs, and never worked for a pollie, but had some fresh political and economic ideas, then the ALP would have retained government. 

Alternatively, if only the 28 fairies at the bottom of the garden granted wishes, the ALP would have retained government.

See how this works? 

Can we get a refund for the nonsense produced by the Cart and Horse Institute; clearly they don’t know a horse from a cart (I’m figuring that’s the reason for the ironic name), so have no chance of identifying which came first.

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