February 2, 2014

Way out west not so whacky

Many a protest - from here to New Zealand - over the shark culling plan in Western Australia.

The Liberal premier has been warned that his hold on the state might be munched on this one policy.

Funny thing though:

Swimmers on the east coast haven't been lucky, they have benefited from a system that routinely kills sharks (about 500 a year in Queensland and 100 in NSW) to protect humans.

Like it or not, those are the facts.
Who knew?

What's good for the northern and eastern coasts of Australia have gone unnoticed, for years, and the west is told not to copy.


But that's Australia. 

And that's the environmental fundamentalists, with limbs and lives intact.

c/o Kath - way out west

Shark culling anger makes no sense


  1. Quite right. There has been netting and baiting off Gold Coast beaches since I think before I was born. I can't remember the last ocean shark attack but apparently in the thirties there were a number. There are stories that in the twenties drinkers at a beach side pub in Coolangatta would sit on the balcony and casually shoot the odd shark with 303 military rifles. Ah. Those were the days when men were men and sharks were nervous.

    Sometimes the netting can be a problem for migrating whales but they are watched and there are professionals who know how to rescue them. They are not a problem for dolphins because dolphins are smart. I have swum among dolphins off Rainbow Bay well inside the nets.

    It is not well understood that the nets are set in rows at right angles to the beach and not parallel so in theory sharks can swim between them. But that doesn't happen because sharks are dumb. Also the baits make the system fool proof.Sometimes there a voices that the nets should be taken down in the winter when the whales are around and swimmers fewer (and which dramatically are increasing in numbers) But they are marginal and ignored.

    There is the occasional attack off northern NSW beaches where there is no baiting but I can't remember the last fatal attack.

    The big issue is bull sharks in the canals which have killed two or three people and are a danger especially for anyone who swims in the canals at night. So people don't swim in the canals which I think is a shame. Left to me I would cull the bastards. The sharks I mean. How can you argue that a man made residential canal development is the natural home of the sharks and therefore they can't be touched? But they do and they are not. They are left to breed.

    The only policy I don't agree with in WA is that caught sharks are destroyed and dumped at sea. That is a waste. They should be dragged back to shore and eaten. Preferably with salad and chips. Tatare sauce is good but some people get snobbish about that.

  2. "The only policy I don't agree with in WA is that caught sharks are destroyed and dumped at sea. That is a waste. They should be dragged back"

    Well said, Geoffff. :D