February 22, 2014

True blue scone and beer man

Off the menu: If you are what you eat, then the PM’s orders to his RAAF catering team must reveal the country is being run by a jammy, creamy scone. The document reveals scones with jam and cream “must be ordered on every flight” that takes off before 4pm. For breakfast, the boss always prefers a hot breakfast of bacon and eggs, toast or fruit toast and then fresh fruit, but “NO BAKED BEANS” and ditto on the yoghurt. The PM – who last month admitted he wasn’t said he wasn't averse to having "two or three drinks a night, and occasionally a bit more on Saturday night” – has also ordered the VIP jet be stocked with Drambuie, Baileys, Benedictine, chardonnay and Peroni beer.


  1. I'm outraged by this diet.


    What's wrong with baked beans?

  2. Agree, can't beat hot buttered toast and Heinz baked beans! (Sorry SPC, but beans means Heinz.)