February 28, 2014

Duck Friday

c/o Kath - the Americas sideways


  1. That is in fact a passenger pigeon.

    Sad story really. When Europeans arrived they ranged in vast numbers over all that land. They were among the most plentiful birds in the world. They migrated in vast vast flocks of billions of birds that could block out the sun and take fourteen hours to pass over.

    That made them very easy to catch. By 1914 they were extinct.

    Passenger Pigeon flesh was commercialised as cheap food for slaves and poor people. It is not recorded how much the last one sold for. No doubt it was determined by supply and demand.

  2. I have a burning philosophical question that has been nagging a little.

    The other day I was at the John Flynn hospital where I am most days. My parents have been inmates there for six weeks. Right now they are sharing a room in the rehab ward..

    I drove into the underground single level car park where I usually park. The place was full. People everywhere. Drivers cursing as they drove out the exit.

    I was about to do the same when the car in front pulled a little to one side and stopped; apparently deciding to wait until some one returned so she can take the spot. Fair enough I thought but I'm not going to do the same. So I drove around her and as I did I noticed a sticker on the back window of the Palestinian flag merged with the Australian flag. I've never seen one before around here. A little like the ones you see on pro-Israel sites like Shirlee's ... only ... you know ... half "Palestinian".


    I looked at the driver as I passed. A middle aged woman of quite remarkable ugliness. Is that sexist or ageist or something? Anyway it was true.

    Then amazingly I noticed a vacant park only about five or ten meters in front. It was like suddenly being on a mountain top and looking out across the promised land. Sort of. It was beside a pylon and stopped car driver had obviously overlooked it and a number of others had driven past it. Naturally I took the spot. As I got out of the car I noticed the driver glaring at me. More quizzical than angry I guess. So I shrugged and said "Sorry. This territory is occupied".

    Then I walked off.

    Made my day. Also made my parents' day..I still get a giggle out of it and its like a week ago now. I tell everybody.

    So this is my question.

    Does this mean I'm a bad person?

  3. Glorious, Geoffff!!

    How often in life do you have the right line, in the right place, with the right circumstance, and actually get to use the line?

    How often, hey?


    That's how often.

    You did good.

    You can die a happy man.

    Sorry to hear that your folks both in hospital, you've had a long haul, sounds like not getting easier.

    A big happy birthday to you, too - hope you're able to do something fun and/or relaxing.