February 18, 2014

Drama queens: next up Hockey

The Treasurer will shake his head, scowl, charm, pull faces and roll his eyes to ram home his utter incomprehension of how any government, anywhere, could be so irresponsible, so criminally reckless, as to leave the country’s finances as the recently-departed Labor government did. 

I mean (he’ll say) we knew they were awful when the voters dispatched them, but even we didn’t suspect they were this bad. 

And of course the final act, the dénouement, will be uplifting: Australia is again in safe hands, with a government prepared to take the difficult yet necessary decisions to ensure our future prosperity. 

The show will in many ways be a carbon copy of the first outing of the first budget of the last Liberal Treasurer, Peter Costello—also a man not afraid to mug for the camera. 

Hockey’s camera comfort contrasts jarringly with Labor’s Wayne Swan, whose terrified, shriveled appearances contributed so much to that government’s problems for six years. 
Mumble (Peter Brent) - In praise of over-acting

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