February 17, 2014

Bob Ellis still gets everything dead wrong

Like a big shag on a little rock, Bob Ellis is still out there on his own, filling the ether with his whacky thoughts, including his wildly whacky excuses for the ALP.
Eight months and two prime ministers later, Labor types are still struggling to come to terms with Julia Gillard's time at the nation's helm. Party troubadour Bob Ellis believes he has worked out why she was such a "bad Labor leader". It was not, he says, her hair or her voice or "her frequent trippings-over in high heels". Says Ellis: "Her biggest flaw as a leader was her live-in lover. Had he been John Faulkner or Quentin Dempster or Tim Flannery or Tim Winton or Tim Ferguson or John Woods or Yahoo Serious it wouldn't have mattered. But a taciturn blow-waving mediocrity did; and his daughter the stripper was an extra minus, in my view."


  1. Ah, Bob Ellis getting down to the nitty gritty. o-O

    I thing "big shit on a little rock" would be a better way to describe him, Caz. :D

  2. He's like a great, great uncle, Kath: seriously addled and embarrassing.

    Wish he'd put away the keyboard. Not that I read his blog, too painful, sexist, ignorant.