January 9, 2014

Important news

Henceforth, Duck Friday and Wednesday Wisdom will make only sporadic guest appearances. 


  1. Sporadic?

    You mean no more than once a week, right?

    1. No, I mean less often than once a week ... right.

  2. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Yeah, I know, you are having the same problem as me: can't remember what bloody day it is.

    But there is a solution - I work on 5 Fridays and 2 Saturdays a week - much simpler that way and you have far less chance of getting confused.

    I reckon in another few years it will be just Fridays to make it simplest.

    In which case I can expect 7 ducks a week, but no wisdom.


  3. Seven ducks a week, sans wisdom ... sounds like an achievable and measurable goal!

  4. I am saddened and dismayed by this development. In a world of few and fading constants we now have two less to sail by.

    May I suggest a compromise?

    Merge the two days into one. And call it Smartarse Fowl Thursday.

    1. Smartarse Fowl Thursday, or SFT ... meh, not your finest moment, Geoffff.

      Alas, blogs are dead, the world now vents via a million comments on paid news sites. Funny old development, that one. (Does anyone ever read all 500 comments? Is anyone listening? It's like 500 single hands clapping. Funny. Strange. But that's all that people wanted, it seems: somewhere to dump their thoughts and run.)

      But, Facebook is way less interesting than the continuing myth insists, and isn't really a means for engaging in ideas with anyone. It's more an announcement board, as in: "oh look at this". Other than that, a good shared space for keeping in touch with people you actually know but don't see or live near, for example.

      I should just kill off the blog, Geofff, but can't quite bring myself to do it.

      Not yet, anyway.

  5. http://maryloukayser.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/sad-duck.jpg