December 4, 2013

Politics: throwing money at it is rarely the solution

For three decades, the education budget has increased by so many multiples of every other area of government spending, and so many multiples of the CPI, it makes my head spin.

Those decades of evidence show, convincingly, that hundreds of billions of dollars - additional funding - hasn't improved educational outcomes in Australia.  On the contrary, Australia's global ranking on basic lifetime skills and knowledge continue to go down, down, down. 

Yet, both the Liberal and the Labor parties continue to throw (or promise to throw) more and more money into eduction.  Neither party is able to provide evidence that there will, this time, be improved outcomes.

It's called evidence-based funding. 

Not something we do in this country. 

Imagine how much dumber the future generations of politicians will be.

Nah.  Don't think about it.  Your head will explode. 


  1. The key, is to get better quality teachers. And to remunerate them accordingly.

    You pay peanuts you get monkeys.

    There are some really dumb teachers out there.. Too easy to get into uni with a low score.

    1. The massive inflow of money to basic education coincides with the decrease in standards at uni, the low entrance scores for teachers, in particular.

      I don't believe higher pay is the answer, as it's still throwing money at the problem.

      If you double the money paid to teachers tomorrow, you'll still have the same teachers. They won't be better teachers.

      Most people who do an eduction degree never end up in a class room - there's an over supply, oddly enough, contrary to continued claims about needing to attract people. Clearly the pay, and little chance of ever getting a teaching job, doesn't deter people from wanting to become a teacher.

  2. Anonymous9:59 PM

    The dumber the plebs the easier to control, manipulate and exploit.

    At the end of the day we'll all be monkeys getting paid peanuts - but we'll all have (very expensive) degrees - of ignorance.


    1. True, Justin, and so much easier to monitor the monkeys these days, and thwart any independent ideas.