November 9, 2013

Why do Americans need so many bathrooms?

Located half an hour out of Chicago, the nine-bedroom, 15-bathroom mansion sprawls over three hectares and boasts five fireplaces, a wine cellar with room for 500 bottles, a home theatre, card room and cigar room.
Yes, it's a $29M house, but all the same, who the hell needs 15 bathrooms to a ratio of nine bedrooms?  Plus there's a three bedroom guesthouse, no doubt with a goodly surfeit of its own bathrooms.

Much smaller residences in the US have the same thing going on - not uncommon to see houses listed with a few bedrooms and a squillion bathrooms; no mere powder room is ever enough for the occasional visitor. 

Do Americans have bladder issues? 

Do they have collective obsessive compulsive disorder about the cleanliness of their person? 

Or is this a job creation scheme for bathroom cleaners? 

Michael Jordan's gigantic Chicago mansion goes to auction


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  2. I'm actually surprised there are only fifteen.

    Really you need two bathrooms for every bedroom plus at least one separate powder room depending on how the bathrooms are configured. And that's just the bedrooms. Every living, dining. entertainment. sitting and rumpus room needs at least one bathroom and the home cinema needs two or three to cope with the intermission rush.

    I estimate that a nine bedroom home needs forty-two bathrooms just to be on the safe side. And you can make a case that the main visitor bathroom also needs its own bathroom.

  3. I don't agree with your calculations, entirely, Geoffff; however, you make a good point about visitor bathrooms needing a bathroom.

    On that basis, a total of 12 guest bathrooms, plus nine, would put an appropriate ratio at 21; and additional amenities for entertainment areas - as you note - bringing the total necessary number of bathrooms to precisely 283.5.

  4. Anonymous10:34 PM

    If the bathroom and toilet are separate (as should be the case) then precisely 567 washing and craping rooms would be required - using Caz's numbers.

    42 is definitely nowhere near enough, although a bathroom with a bathroom annex is a totally brilliant idea.

    Fortunately down in Tassie we have dunnies all over the show - we call them trees.

    And the bathrooms? We have 2 - front and back paddock - but we have to wait for it to rain.


  5. So, they need 567 water rooms, each with a tree, and each with a front and back paddock.

    Now it's starting to make sense.

  6. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Don't forget that each one needs of one Geoffff's en suites.

    That would be 567 water rooms with en suites, as well as each tree having an on suite and each front and back paddock having an en suite.

    All up that would equate to 2, 268 ablution facilities.

    I think we're getting close.


    PS. Should we also count potties under beds?

  7. Indeed, close.

    Round it up to 3,000 ablution facilities, for a nine bedroom house?

    Which is 333.33 per bedroom of each house.

    Potties? I think they're potty enough, don't you?