October 17, 2013

Maxine suffers retrospective momentary clarity

Maxine McKew, three years after her momentary stint in federal parliament ended, continues to gain attention for regurgitating every thought that every other adult in the country has had during the last six years, about the ALP federal leaders. 

At The Australian (bless ‘em), McKew's belated thoughts were given maxi coverage yesterday, for reason unfathomable. 
Having trashed Julia Gillard's prime ministership, former Labor MP Maxine McKew has now rubbished the man to whom she owes her brief political career: Kevin Rudd. 

Ms McKew, who won John Howard's seat of Bennelong in 2007, says Mr Rudd was "off his game" during this year's election campaign, advocated idiotic policies and introduced a "perverse and cruel" asylum-seeker regime that she "couldn't stomach".

The one-term MP, a former ABC 7.30 Report host recruited by Mr Rudd to run in 2007, says Mr Rudd "went off the deep end" when he announced he favoured "the idiocy" of preferential tax rates for companies that moved to the Northern Territory. Ms McKew also says Labor's "already diminished credibility was practically shredded" when senior public servants disowned the suggestion they had verified a "black hole" in the Coalition's policy costings.

And she attacks the selection of former Queensland premier Peter Beattie as Labor's candidate for Forde, describing it as one of the "worst" decisions of the campaign and saying "it looked desperate".
Yep, we know all of that, and more, but thanks for playing, Maxine. 

Kevin Rudd trashed as Maxine McKew mauls her maker

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