September 23, 2013

This should fix things: Centre for Memory, Imagination and Invention

Everything you thought you knew about environments and communities is wrong.  But don't worry, you can blame your poor memory, and lack of imagination and invention.

Memory, imagination and invention are three pre-conditions for sustaining communities and environments. The Centre for Memory, Imagination and Invention (CMII) comprises a unique interdisciplinary group that addresses these interrelated concerns from both theoretical and applied perspectives. 

Building on the expertise represented in its members, CMII responds to a growing recognition that scenarios for future sustainability based exclusively on instrumentalist, rational paradigms fail to produce community engagement. CMII's mission is to demonstrate and enhance the usefulness and the efficacy of humanities, creative arts and social sciences research to cause positive social change, and to improve social and cultural fabric.
Deploying innovative methods drawn from the disciplines of cultural heritage studies, museology, architecture, literary studies, creative arts and design, CMII is forging ground-breaking projects focusing on themes including spatiality, cross-cultural engagement, innovative technologies, and the operation of memory.


  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Poetry will fix it, one way or the other.

    On the good ship Venus...


  2. Or the good ship lollypop?