September 20, 2013

They wish

Lexicon, by Max Barry, is a story about an organisation of poets who can, after training, control people by using stupendously powerful words. 

Yes, yes, it's FICTION.

Poets would never have the wherewithal to organise themselves. 


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    The cabin-boy was Nipper,
    A regular little ripper;
    He stuffed his arse with broken glass.
    And circumcised the skipper.

    There's ya proof.


  2. Trying to imagine any of my poetic colleagues booming out words of suitable power and authority in order to have national influence. Nup, just can't picture it.

  3. National influence?!!!

    I think in the book they seek to achieve power over one person at a time, although for what purpose, I don't know. Perhaps it would be worth reading the book to find out what poets would do, if only they could control others. Compel them to buy more poetry books? Vote poets into parliament? Use original metaphors in day to day life?

  4. iJustin - that's a rather different take on things, a sharp point, to be sure.