September 7, 2013

Oh for fuck's sake!

Remember the dirge-like victory speech that Kevin Rudd gave when the ALP won the federal election back in 2007?  The droning that seemed like it would never end?  I can't have been the only person who felt an urge to hand the man a Prozac.

Fast forward to a slamming defeat in 2013 - although yes, he did save the furniture - Rudd's concession speech was cheery, buoyant, bouncy, verbose and virtually a victory speech - and no, he didn't shut the fuck up.


  1. 2013 Caz, 2013!!!

    And yes, the concession without cessation. It was all about himself. Naturally.

  2. Bob Carr should stay in Russia. Putin obviously likes him. Maybe he has a future after all.

  3. I am not sure that he saved as much of the furniture as they say. The reality is the LNP 2PP in QLD was already up around 55%. It is a hard job getting much above that honestly. They should have picked up at least one extra seat in NSW (Greenway) but a chronic candidate put pay to that. But basically the ALP is back close to where it was in 1996. Scarcely a great situation.

    I thought that the Rudd concession speech was more of the same, but the comment about Bill Glasson was simply appalling and incredibly ungracious.

  4. Um, whatever happened to Bob Carr? I'd forgotten all about him, Geoff.

    Wasn't he supposed to be the big unifier, the fire breaker, or something?

    How did that work out for the ALP?

  5. Craig - the polls (the polls, the polls, the damned polls) all claimed a routing in Queensland, and commentators were all gloating that Rudd had not saved Queensland.

    Yet again (the journo's have to be reminded, over and over again, to no avail), the polls last week, or last year, or the year before, mean jack shit. There really is only one vote that counts.

    So yes, Rudd did save some scatter cushions (useless decorative items, which gather dust and serve no practical purpose).

    Contrary to the 'not as bad as it could have been' mantra that started last night, and will continue forever more, the ALP had their lowest primary vote in 100 years.

    Rudd's strange boast about keeping his own seat was also appalling and ungracious, not to mention petty and childish. But there ya go, Rudd all over.

  6. Rudd all over indeed. All about him.

    Hello Craig!

    Caz is right: the ALP was predicted to cease to exist in QLD. That is not the case. Also the swing against the ALP in NSW was not as large as the national. Yes Diaz in no way helped in Greenway but that was not the only seat they were "supposed" to lose. Predictions were of a western Sydney wipeout.Parramatta retained; predictions of the loss of Kingsford Smith astray and Reid will go to postal votes and hopefully see pub-pokie king Craig Laundy miss out.

    No such salve for the disater that was Tasmania.

  7. Hello again Father Park - long time.... I have been off this blogging thing!

    You are right that there were predictions of a wipe out, but i never really took them seriously I must admit. The ALP is down to 8 seats in QLD - that is getting to the "hardcore" seats and i always thought they would be a tough ask. Ditto for Sydney area, though I think that Greenway and Parra should have gone. Not at all helped by Lib faction wars (again)

    What I did notice was there were big swings in some of the Lib held seats. Macarthur (my area) had an 8.5% swing to the Libs and on 2PP now is around 60%. I was pleased to see Ed Husik get a good swing to him. He has always struck me as one of the better ALP members.

    Tasmania was wipe out stuff - some of the swings were incredible - as was the swing against Bob Katter. These things always go in cycles, but the ALP really does need to work out what on earth it is now. Personally, I do not think it is all about infighting,but as an LNP supporter I guess i would say that.

    Such a shame Web diary does not exist now, the gnashing of teeth would have been great sport!

    Regards to all.

  8. Hi Craig. Still into the trains, mate?

    Yes, it was an appalling and ungracious concession speech from Rudd.

    Doctor Bill Glasson is a very good bloke who has done much to help the disadvantaged.. Visiting remote indigenous communities, for example.

    Rudd on the other hand has done nothing for anyone but himself. Really, that is how it is. Anything that he has achieved was done solely for the adulation, and undivided attention from a public that HE thought adored him and worshipped the ground that he walked on.

    He was not the Messiah after all. Just a very conceited asshole!

    And you know what, Caz? I'd like to get some of those scatter cushions and shove 'em right up Rudd's ass!

    "And yes, the concession without cessation. It was all about himself. Naturally."

    That's a great line Bertie! :D

  9. Hi Kathy,

    Sure am...

  10. And Rudd didn't want to let go, did he. Kept on saying 'as your Prime Minister'....

    And he promises 'not to contest the Labor Party leadership again'. Yeah yeah, we all know the punchline to that one now.

  11. The electoral map of Australia is quite remarkable: outside a handful of urban capitals, all across the nation there's virtually not one spot that supports Labor. And yet a lot of folk I know are shocked and horrified at the extent of Labor's loss, and many of them seem relatively incurious about why the rest of the country is in such violent opposition to them. There's a real urban/country divide going on here....

    1. Tim - and yet there are those who have already rolled out the old, old, line that the LNP don't have a majority, that we'll yet again be ruled by a 'minority'.

      Maybe even some of us old folk still don't understand our voting system?

      Or maybe they need to lobby for a first past 50 per cent wins, which would save the constant whinging about whether or not a particular government managed to get a 'majority'.

  12. "As your Prime Minister ...", which was his mantra from the minute he deposed Gillard - so childish, and outright embarrassing in a speech that should have been about conceding defeat, thanking people (succinctly), and going away.

    Who was he trying to convince?

    Reminds me of one of Thatcher's better quotes, something about power, I think ... 'if you have to tell people you're powerful, you're not'.

  13. Caz, they still like to forget that the Liberal and National parties are in a formal Coalition and have been for a mighty long time. It is used as a justification for the marriage of convenience that the Greens and ALP have when it suits them. There again, I think this election has really taken the shine off the Greens. They have been revealed as being just as much into wheeling and dealing as anyone else.

    I noticed my railway modelling is in the links - I am honoured!


  14. Now that we know where you are, we best not let you go, Craig. Great models, too, beautiful work.

    Yes, the Libs and Nats aren't exactly a minority joining with a minority so as to dupe an unwitting public. Surely voters know that voting Liberal comes with a whole bunch of free Nationals, and that National voters know their vote is for the minor party in the partnership. I have sometimes thought the Nats were fading out, but they're quite a robust little outfit, and have some very rusted on supporters.

    The Greens have, like other parties, always been about winning seats, and for no other reason than to vote 'no' to everything in the parliament (see Bob Brown's record, which mostly consisted of not voting at all). To achieve this, they have always done deals with anyone - including the Libs - for preferences. Note their outrage this time around when the Libs, for once, and wisely, wouldn't play with the Greens.