September 2, 2013

It's the economy stupid

Labor campaign spokeswoman Penny Wong tends to lull her audience into a hypnotic state. But this line hit us like a slap in the face. "I think a lot of people are tired of this costings debate, I'd quite like to be able to talk about something else," she told Seven News on Friday. Say what?
(The Oz) 

And with that, Wong joined the Hockey camp of inventing the lie that voters are bored by economics.

As far as I know, there's no 'costing' in the world that can establish that a policy is sound and appropriate, will be effective, will have no unintended outcomes, and will come in at the cost first claimed.  

Nor is there any 'costing' that can establish that the opportunity cost of one policy over another is defensible - at least not in the land down under, since both of our major parties ignore such inconveniences.

These are the reasons why the empty 'debate' about costings should stop.  It's a nonsense game, and the ALP and the Liberals are treating us like fools.  

With only four days until votes are cast, we haven't heard a single concrete or coherent economic thought from Rudd or from Abbott.  



  1. It's the broadband stupid.

    As the eldest postulant remarked the other day: Abbott's NBN is like the government that decided to build the original telephone system; copper to the exchange and semaphores to the house.

    Broadband speeds - or the lack thereof - are crucial to postulant Josh.

    I agree. Such is what government borrows money for. Government should not borrow money for gratuitous handouts but the worship of the Budget Surplus - bless its holy name - is all. This thinking would see us save until we could pay for and build a Harbour Bridge. Save until we could even think of a Snowy Scheme.

    I am am heartily sick and tired of the rhetorical rubbish about the holy "surplus" and when it will be achieved. I am just as tired of hearing about the benefit of Australia's AAA credit rating. Such can only be achieved (like any credit rating) if you owe money.

    Labor does not deserve to win tomorrow and, if there was an independent to vote for tomorrow not from geoffff's eretz Israel , I'd vote for 'em.

    The electorate will have its say tomorrow and they will get the government they desire. What they think of this decision in six (or possibly three) years is another thing.

    Conservative governments are just that: conservative. It is a fact that the major legislative initiatives (particularly social) are the Labor Party's purview. There is little need to list them. On the other side what can be said of the last thirty years? A "Great Big Tax" (GST) and WorkChoices.

  2. Broadband speeds and reliability are crucial to all of us.

    Can't believe that the Libs are going to ram a last century technology through this century. It defies any logic, including economic logic. It's STUPID.

    Australia is, and always has been, a deeply conservative country, Bertie. In particular, Australian's are not, contrary to the myths, a bunch of rebels or free thinkers. Australians are mindlessly deferential to authority, meek.