September 13, 2013

And so say both of them

Anthony Albanese said he is running for the Labor leadership because he believes he can deliver the party government again at the next election. 

"I am standing for the Labor leadership because I firmly believe I am the best candidate to lead Labor back into government at the next election."
Bill Shorten said the same thing.


  1. Who cares, now?

    A couple of lame ducks..

    Meanwhile, the Abbott government quietly beavers away, ignoring the 24 hour news cycle..

    Part of the problem with Labor, is, they don't know when to STFU and play their cards close to the chest..

    Instead, they play out a pantomime, to a public that's pretty much had a gutful of all the wheeling and dealing.

  2. The most uneventful change of government, ever.

    Meanwhile, the newly anointed opposition can't keep themselves off the front pages. Every one of them keeps bleating that these are 'internal matters' and that a line is to be drawn under the last six years, and yet ... and yet: there they are, making a muck of everything, in public.

    Julia Bishop, in her first official duties as foreign affairs minister has told her department to never book her in first class on planes, and has ordered that they revisit the $1800 per night suites booked for her first trip to the US. She told them that she requires only an ordinary hotel room. That's called leading by example. I'm impressed. (I'm shallow; I'd want the suite, although business class travel is sufficiently luxurious, so I could forgo first class.)

  3. Julie Bishop said that?

    She's certainly gone up in my estimation, since she first took the job as deputy..

    $1800 for a hotel suite is an unnecessary indulgence. $200 a night is certainly sufficient.

    I think that she will make a good Foreign Affairs minister. :D

  4. Yep, Bishop really did say that! Nearly $200,000 quote from the department for 23 people to go to the the US with her - she told them to redo it, get back to her with a new quote, no first class, no fancy suites.

    I have to say I was extremely impressed with Bishop on election night - before any speeches, that is, before she was actually a minister - ABC interviewed her and threw in inappropriate questions about Syria (really, that's NOT what you ask someone during vote counting); anyway, Bishop, put on the spot, no prep, no notes, was gobsmackingly knowledgeable, named all of the factions (I'd never even heard of most of them, and yes, there's more than two!), covered the complexities, gave a serious response, with depth, all within about two minutes. Certainly surprised me - who knew, hey?

    She's really grown in her role during the last several years, right in her prime as she steps into new role in government. She's going to thrive and excel. Will be great to see! A real role model.