August 31, 2013

The road to Damascus

Understanding the Syrian civil war in 10 easy steps from the comfort of your safe little home -

Simple points to help you understand the Syria conflict.


  1. That "ten point" analysis on Syria would have to be the most seriously ignorant piece of crap on the Middle East ever printed since the last time some dickhead journalist interviewed filthy Father Dave; as if that nasty little turd had an opinion on anything worth hearing.

    Father David Smith? You may as well publish the opinion of a paedophile priest on the subject of child welfare.

  2. Given a choice between Al Qaeda and filthy Father Dave, you know who I would pick?

    At least AQ is upfront and honest about their murderous intent.

  3. As I'm not familiar with Father Dave, and not deeply across the Syrian war, I can't comment on your vigorously held dismissal of our local tabloids attempts to inform the unwashed masses.