August 22, 2013

As with Howard, so goes Rudd

With just over two weeks remaining, and the entire country fed up with our feeble federal politicians, it's starting to look as though the good people in the electorate of Griffith will serve the country in the only way they can - by voting Kev Rudd, current Prime Minister, out of office.

The voters of Griffith - not Gillard, not Shorten, not Abbott, not the collective of voters - will finally put a stake in the heart of Rudd's overweening ambition.

So you see, federal political life is still closely resembling a box of chocolates.

Polling suggests PM Kevin Rudd could lose his own seat


  1. A wry smile for Gillard perhaps.

  2. A wry smile for us all, I think, Bertie, but yes, the wryest of all for Gillard.

    Difficult to predict if Rudd will even manage to save some furniture for the ALP, possibly yes.

  3. I find it all very depressing.

  4. Yes Bertie, all very depressing indeed.

    And what the hell am I supposed to do with a one meter senate paper, with names in six point font?

    Really, will Victorians even cast enough valid senate votes for a valid outcome?