July 31, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.  A bad usage can spread by tradition and imitation even among people who should and do know better. 

George Orwell


  1. One of my favourites

    "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"

    People who talk like that think like that. And those who think like that talk like that. Next thing imprisoned child murderers and psychopaths are "political prisoners".

  2. I think that's the least of it, Geoffff.

    It's not only the appropriation of ordinary words, using them to demean or insult, for example, or the game of substitution, as you note: it's the lack of language, the lack of skill - take away or undermine the importance of language and thought itself is diminished so much that it can't be redeemed.

    We see this a lot now.

    Imagine the younger generations, growing up with every form of social media and a woefully failing education system; the limitations of their critical and imaginative faculties makes me shudder.

  3. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Makes me shudder too Caz.

    The best slave is the one who thinks he is free. Johann von Goethe


  4. And none suffering delusions of freedom more than those who can express themselves, show themselves, and play out their every thought and action online, for the world at large.

    Yes, such freedom.

    Each as free as the next.

    What a waste of human endeavor.