July 14, 2013

There goes the shock and awe

Turnbull has put the kibosh on the fantasy of the Liberals tackling the revived Kev Rudd with a shock an awe move:  installing Malcolm Turnbull as leader, at the last minute.

The fantasy election, which many people wished for in 2007, will still not come to pass in 2013.


Malcolm Turnbull says he knows many people would prefer he lead the Liberal Party rather than Tony Abbott, but that they should vote for the party anyway.

He ruled out having a tilt at the leadership, despite polls showing he was far more popular than the current opposition leader as the federal Labor government under Kevin Rudd closes the gap between the parties.
Malcolm Turnbull says many prefer him to Tony Abbott ... states the obvious


  1. We all realise what "ruling out" means. If only Politicians would cease using rulers.

    I tend to agree that there will be no change of Liberal leader - only because they have known for soooooo long that they would win. They still believe that is a certainty and that will take some shaking. this view sees Rudd as transitory in nature. The "honeymoon" thing is the first; it'll be over.... sometime. If not, it is that his party can't stand him and it'll fracture before the election. If not, it's because he can't keep it going because he'a a fraud.

    Summation: it's all hope; no strategy. And that sums up Abbott: one pace ("no carbon tax" or simply "no") and little in much else.

    1. The Libs have had their own episodes of revolving leaders, and by a silly margin of one vote, way back whenever, Abbott stumbled into the leadership, then nearly won an election.

      For the ALP, that would mean jackshit. For the Libs, it means that Abbott has earned the 'right' to take the party to this year's election. It's the same illogical thinking that kept Howard in the job and saw the Libs more damaged than they should have been.

      No unpopular party leader has ever led their party to a win. An interesting trend, and you'd think would give the Libs and Abbott more than pause for thought. It also reflects badly on a superficial electorate, of course.

      There's a first time for everything, as the ALP has amply demonstrated during the last five years.

      Nothing worthwhile in the Abbott policy cupboard, and an endless supply of selfies in the Kev Kardashian cupboard.

      Our choices?


  2. The new furniture and decor is fine. But what happened to us "ilks"????!!!!

    1. "Ilks" was my amendment to the html, among many, many tweaks.

      On the other hand, if you mean where did all the ilks go?

      Bloody Facebook, as far as I can tell. Outside the www, in other words, and a long way from blogs!

      Did find that I can amend the html of this new one (and have just changed it again, the blury scene in the background bothered me). On my to do list, one of these months or years ...

  3. I'm not overly fond of the new surrounds, Bertie, but photobucket, which was the source of my old blog skin graphics kicked the bucket - suddenly gone (not photobucket, but my graphics), which was a very unattractive look. Emergency action resulted in having to resort to one of the standard skins, which, frankly, is not much of a range.

    I've yet to find time to fiddle around with the html to try to amend to my liking, and not entirely sure if I even have access with this off the shelf skin.

    No matter what, we'll always be ilks!

  4. Not simply Ilks my girl... deranged ilks! I refuse to have my hard earned ilkdom taken from me. Deranged or otherwise.

    And, yes, I meant the actual "deranged ilks". Facebook's a bugger.

    On our choice. Yes, not a great one. Abbott has returned to "slamming" government actions or statements (the media's favourite word). His only line at the present is to declare he doesn't give a crap about Indonesia's view, he'll tow boats back there anyway. He seems very busy trying to replace his "great big tax" security blanket with something just as comforting. Unfortunately waffling on about an odourless and invisible thing simply makes him look bereft of common sense. A very deadly gas is that ourderless and invisible thing.

  5. I know, I know! Bloody 83 pages of html ... it's a bugger to find where I have to do the amendment. Grrr.

    Yes, still deranged after all this time! Go figure.

    Abbott's short coming is that he's a bit of a loose cannon. Mind you, so was Rudd, so was Gillard. They each have more in common than they'd like to believe. Basically make up shite policy on the run. It's hopeless!

    In many other regards, Abbott is, I believe, a good person, and doesn't deserve the often hysterical commentary about his ever uttering or expression.

    Funny how the absurdly grinning Rudd has now thrown the spotlight on the quite rational and often sensible Abbott. Abbott is a much deeper and more thoughtful character than Rudd will ever be, but that gets lost in a lot of garbage.

    Going to be a strange election. Stranger than ever before. And I think I said the same last time, and the time before that!

  6. Anonymous10:46 PM

    When Max Kelly, the chief security officer for Facebook, left the social media company in 2010, he did not go to Google, Twitter or a similar Silicon Valley concern. Instead the man who was responsible for protecting the personal information of Facebook’s more than one billion users from outside attacks went to work for [the National Security Agency].”

    Just thought I'd throw that one in.

    BTW Kev Kardashian - love it, can I use it?


    1. Of course you can, Justin! Why would you not?

    2. Anonymous10:37 PM

      Why thank you Caz.

      Kev Kardashian and Anthony Jollie.

      Now, this is how it works re the cuming erection - there can be only one victor (everybody else will be victims), so it's a good news/bad news thingie.

      If Jollie doesn't get erected that will be the good news, and of course the bad news will be that Kadashian did get erected.

      No matter who wins/loses it makes no difference.

      So it looks like it's either blow me brains out, or vote informal (twice), or do what iJustin did last Federal erection, voted contrary to Pumpkin - it worked well last time cause we ended up with a totally hung parliament, just the way all good erections and politicians should end up.


  7. "Not simply Ilks my girl... deranged ilks! I refuse to have my hard earned ilkdom taken from me. Deranged or otherwise"

    I'll drink to that, Bertie!

    In fact... I'll drink to anything! o-O..

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