July 6, 2013

Plan B working a treat so far

The contradiction was jarring, but not nearly as much as the new Kevin appealing for a kinder, gentler polity after stabbing Gillard in the front, in the back, in the feet, hands, face, any part of her that was exposed, day after day for three years until he regained that which she took from him, and then with lips determinedly pursed declaring he would not abide any criticism of her.
Almost as bad as Rudd promising to elevate the tone of the national debate only to raise the spectre of war with Indonesia under Abbott, followed swiftly by recession, famine and the plague.
Almost as incongruous as Rudd deploring gender politics while going on endlessly about appointing six women to cabinet and spending his life surrounded by good, strong women including his mother, wife, daughter and granddaughter. So oblivious is the new Kevin to gender, he neglected to ring Kate Lundy to tell her she had lost sport, letting her read it in a press release and leaving the phone call to his deputy.
Almost as incongruous as Labor luminaries lining up to testify that the Rudd species of leopard can and has changed his spots while the Abbott species cannot.
Amid the contradictions and incongruities, everybody's Plan B is working a treat so far.
Kev can't change his spots  

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