July 4, 2013

Imagine there's no heaven ...

Imagine the Australian Labor Party wins the 2013 federal election, whenever it is held, and forms government again. 

This scenario might make your stomach churn or fill you with glee but try to picture it if you can.
Federal Labor celebrates the bittersweetest victory of all—bitter because they’re stuck with Kevin for longer than was intended. 

The other side slumps into despair and the “I told you sos” fly around, as usually follows an unexpectedly bad result. 

The army of Coalition lobbyists who’ve descended on Canberra over the last year have to break the leases on their shiny offices. The old Labor hangers-on can move in instead. 


And what stories will journalists and others in the political class tell us about the result? 

They’ll say things like: never-underestimate Kevin Rudd, he’s brilliant, best with his back against the wall, a scrapper and so on. A sublime politician. 

They’ll huff that if the Liberals couldn’t win this one it’s hard to see how they ever can again. They’ve moved too far to the right. 

Won’t be back in power until they address their structural problems. No one joins the Liberals anymore and the federal party contains too much dead wood. 

They need to get out into the real world more and spend less time at wacky libertarian think tank functions.
Whatever happened to the party of John Howard who understood the middle ground, who knew the country? 

And leader Tony Abbott? Let’s not go there.
What if Labor wins? 

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