July 20, 2013

Go hard, go right, go Abbott

Now we're beginning to understand what Kev Kardashian was doing during the three year interruption to his primeministership.

Yes, yes - we already knew he was kept busy with good deeds, along with moments spent undermining Gillard and the ALP: a little leak here, a bigger leak there.

What we didn't know was that Rudd was hatching a basket of policies. 

Anyone who believes that Rudd is making things up as he goes along - the 'policy on the run' mantra - could not be more mistaken.

Rudd doesn't have it in him to make policy on the fly.  No, he has had three long years to dream up his own policies, which he is now unleashing on behalf of a grateful ALP. 

Much like Ken Henry's response to the GFC:  go hard, go early, go households; Rudd's response to resuming his position as PM seems to be:  go hard, go right, go Abbott.

It's stunning, it's disturbing, and almost nauseating.


  1. Yes, I think you are right, Caz.
    Rudd is a conniving self serving little bastard.
    All the more for us to be concerned


    People were worried about Abbott?

    He's a babe in the woods compared to this megalomaniac!

  2. Abbott and the Liberals are suddenly looking benign.

    Like a bunch of fluffy kittens.

    I'm voting for the kittens.