June 17, 2013

Where's Kevin?!

First sitting day of the last sitting of this federal parliament and for this ALP government.

10:42am: Kevin Rudd has arrived in Canberra with his usual mix of folksy concern for whether reporters might trip, an obligatory mention of his grand daughter and just general Kevin-ness.

Commenter Perk Cartel, of Westgarth is unimpressed:

Why does Kevin appear so delighted in most photographs? Is he so self absorbed that he cannot see how pompous and self righteous this renders him in many voter's eyes? 

Labor have nothing to be smiling about yet the Gang of Four going to the LGA dinners are similarly also all smiles as if pleased with themselves. 

Perhaps it's because they have no shame, aparatchiks (sic) all in a travesty of democracy.
Let's vote for more Independents folks and try to end this Tory / Labor Punch and Judy tent show. 
So, there you have it:  vote only for unhappy politicians. 

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