June 9, 2013

Sucker punch

It seems that Tony Abbott was an exceptionally angry young man when he was at university.

How many unreported punch claims are still out there?  With any luck everyone will start stepping forward, so that "fresh punch claims" can be reported on a weekly basis. 

Abbott's punches, so far, don't connect with a person, but all the same, warrant front page coverage three decades after the event.

Meanwhile, rock star politician, Kev Rudd, is being greeted like a rock star politician by the populace at large, and has been forced to deny - again and again and again - that he will not be standing for the leadership of the Federal Labor Party. 

There is only one person who should lead the ALP to the exorcism that will be the September 2013 election, and only one person who should stand up to give the speech of defeat - Julia Gillard must not have that honour taken from her. 

Fresh Abbott punch claim

Rudd back to denying bid to overthrow Gillard

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