June 16, 2013

Show and tell

Peter Garrett has put the future of school funding reforms into the Labor leadership mix, saying he will quit as Education Minister if there is a switch back to Kevin Rudd.

Mr Garrett on Sunday said he would not serve in a Rudd cabinet despite persistent polling showing the government headed for annihilation under Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
That ought to frighten the bejeezus out of everyone in the ALP.

Expect all heads to be pulled in, pronto.

Garrett threatens not to serve in Rudd Cabinet ... the end declared nigh ... 


  1. Gillard and Garett know that they are cactus.

    They have got one chance at some sort of a personal legacy and that's Gonski.

    I can understand that.

  2. The Gonski review has as much legitimacy as Gillard, Geoffff.

    Any inquiry that is directed to omit an entire sector - ooh, like private schools, for example - is no review.

    Recommendations, therefore, have no validity.

    This is NOT a reform.

    Throwing hundreds of millions more at the education sector will not improve it. Funding for education has increased by billions over the last 15 years (way outstripping inflation), yet the results are going backwards.

    A real review would include the private schools.

    We are the only county in the world that has this dumb tousle and dumb economic debate in relation to eduction.

    In other countries there are strong, properly resourced secular state schools. If parents want their children to go to private school, they pay for it.

    We are so dumb.

    And gullible.

    Gonski is a big con.

  3. Besides, Gillard just wants to lock in as much federal spending as she can, to screw Abbott.

    She sure as shit isn't doing it to benefit the country or the citizens.

  4. I know very little about education policy. I never got past "free, secular and compulsory" In any event you will get no argument from me. The influence of teachers on the ALP is something I have seen for myself. They never go past "spend more money" And making sure teachers are not accountable.

    And "state aid" was a big enough issue to split the ALP.

  5. Yes, bit of a joke that the ALP would get the vapors about the state funding state education, hey.

    The Gonski nonsense lost it for me when the terms excluded review of funding for private schools: it was off the agenda.

    Our pollies are a deceitful, gutless lot.

    I keep harking back to the Henry Report - ALP ignored damned everything, for a once in a lifetime top to tail reform of how we're taxed. Henry even recommended getting rid of the Medicare levy, for example, as it was no longer useful ... a couple of years later, the economically lazy Labor and Libs usher in yet another ineffective levy, for disability funding.

    Gawd. It's all too awful.

    And you're right, teachers are not accountable.

    Spending on education has gone up by hundreds of percent, an almost frightening amount, with nothing to show for it, no outcomes. ALP will throw more money, for the same result. Yes, insanity.

  6. Anonymous10:55 PM

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