June 1, 2013

Most articulate geek on the planet

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda do massively good things for the world.  They do clever and difficult things.  They spend their own money doing it.

That's not an opening gambit for a debate:  it's true.

Pitifully routine reporting of Bill's appearance on the ABC the other night is unfortunate.  Watching Gates in action, on any topic, reveals a mature, fast thinking, brilliant man.  I almost fantasized about having politicians or business leaders of his caliber running the joint.  Almost.  It won't ever happen.  Why torture myself?  That's what our politicians are for.

Gates also showed himself to be honest, self-aware and funny.
Mr Gates was also quizzed on whether giving a reported $US10 million to each of his four children meant that he had lost perspective of how much money was worth.

He said he had "absolutely" lost perspective of a number of things in life.

"I haven't mowed the lawn for a long time," Mr Gates joked. "I forget what it's like. I do wash the dishes every night, so there are certain rituals that are worth maintaining."

Bill Gates - still doing the dishes


  1. If only more people with money were as philanthropic as Bill and Melinda.

    Instead of being so self absorbed and concerned primarily with amassing more of a fortune.

  2. It's not only being philanthropic. They're so damned smart about what they're doing, how they use the money. Gates has even set a limit on how long the money lasts, it won't be a trust after he dies - he wants the money all spent, which is a very thoughtful decision in itself.

    Even Warren Buffet gave his fortune over to the Gates foundation. Who better to spend it, hey? Bill and Melinda are a great team.