June 19, 2013

A wedding, a wedding!

iJustin has had a brilliant thought bubble:

Now more than ever Bluey needs to marry her hair dresser this August for the grand distraction, and hopefully she'll get a few sympathy votes (can't count on the donkey ones) - it's all that's left now, AND as well, we'll all believe Timmy aint cheerful - and who would be having to marry a woman who hates blue ties, speedos and probably the whole of the Australian (including Tasmania) electorate by now.



With Kev and Malcolm as the bridesmaids?

Brilliant, brilliant!

Anything to distract from the abysmal - yet globally envied (truly?!) - current and future state of our federal politics and federal economic management. 

A last hooray before Abbott brings his own brand of havoc.

And then the zombies will arrive.  For sure. 

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