May 12, 2013

Ugly budget pending

In the last week of April The Age reported that Prime Minister Julia Gillard had vowed that the May budget would not impose cuts that would "really hurt people" ... that would only a little be of hurting of people. 
I can't remember the last time a Prime Minister had to damn with such feint praise their Treasurer's budget.
Gillard further insisted that new spending would be matched by savings.  That must be her way of showing punters that she has a sense of humour.
No matter which way I look at it, both Gillard and Abbott (when he gets his turn later this year) are determined to piss away billions of dollars on non-productive, non wealth producing expenditure, while taking from those who already have little, and taking from projects that would improve - short and long term - the Australian economy. 
Wayne Swan, meanwhile, insisted that he will deliver "tough decisions" and "structural saves" ... that would be pretend saves.

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