May 24, 2013

Too much, too soon

It's not ok for women to breastfeed in public in Australia; I know this because of the hysterics around any women caught-out attempting to discreetly feed a baby at any business establishment or other public location in the country.  There are even commentators who declare that such women (with no photographic evidence, or even first hand commentary) are brazenly undressing (a public striptease, if you like) for personal attention, and/or are merely making a cheap feminist point by feeding a hungry baby when it demands to be fed.  I'm surprised that no one has yet accused the increasing line of headline grabbing breastfeeding women of stealing a baby so as to be able to put on a public display. 

By contrast, showing the body of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich - who was murdered, violently, unspeakably - on every television news break, on every front page of every newspaper across the world, is fine and dandy. 

Let's not be concerned with the sensibilities of the news-consuming public, and even less concerned for the young man's wife, toddler son, parents, family and friends.  No, it's never too soon and never too much to display the lifeless body of a man whose existence was so shockingly ended.

Let's not be concerned about The Guardian, one day later, drawing moral equivalence between this vile act of murder and civilian deaths stemming from American use of drone aircraft.  It's never too soon and never too much to point the finger at America, to call their acts terrorism, and to draw a straight line between the dead body of a young man in a street a continent away with ordinary acts of war by the state.  (Show me any war in which no civilians have been killed:  drones didn't engender what used to be euphemistically called collateral damage.  It's only in the 21st century that, apparently, humans have become squeamish about such things.  Well, squeamish, sure, but only sometime, only selectively, only when it suits the political ideology, or matches up with the side of history on which one asserts to be right.)

Let's not be concerned with the trite reports informing us that one of the men responsible for the murder in Woolwich was from Nigeria, and was a "peaceful chap" before drifting into the radical scene in 2010.  It's never expected that anyone in the news will be described as having drifted into the peaceful scene, or had accidentally fallen into the good crowd.  

Some days, the world is so fucked up it's enough to induce vomiting.  (For which there's a soothing reality show or an escaped Kardashian to sooth an upset tummy.)


  1. "...had accidentally fallen into the good crowd. "


    Nope. You never hear about them.

    1. Never hear it said that someone fell in with the mediocre crowd, either.

      So many crowds in the world, yet all those unfortunate people who only ever stumble into the bad crowd. They themselves never being that bad crowd, of course.

  2. I can't believe women feeding their babies in public is still an issue. I'll have to get out more. I thought that one was de-issued sometime around 1974.

    Maybe only around where I was at the time. Ah well.

    1. Only this week, up your way, I believe, a woman was going to feed her baby while waiting to get her hair done, and was threatened with NOT getting her hair attended to if she carried out the apparent threat to breastfeed her baby. These stories are becoming so regular it's already tedious.

  3. Yep! The world's fucked up alright, Caz.

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM

    KK is going to have a bub you know - big bOOb news - can't wait to see the pics of her breast feeding.

    Kath darlin you are absolutely correct, and here is the reason why:

    Planet Earth is and has always been the inter-galactic mental asylum - and it all makes sense.

    Homo sapiens are lunatics sent from all the other planets in the Universe to inhabit The Earth, which was created to specifically isolate such nut cases.

    Those who expelled us from the other planets also created on Earth what we call the animal kingdom - animals were put here to teach us homos how to behave.

    Sadly it didn't work, because we took to eating the animals instead, and at times each other - that's because we are lunatics.

    So much makes sense and so much is explained regarding the behaviour of homo-sapiens when this sad truth is accepted.

    Earth is a nut house, run by lunatics, for lunatics - and it all makes sense - just ask any pig.

    oink oink


  5. The last KK gave birth on camera, iJustin, with, I gather, no discretion whatsoever. Perhaps the currently pregnant KK will turn the birth into a feature film. Her 'babydaddy' (as the trash mags call fathers)is against selling photos of the baby, she, on the other hand, lives to have her photo taken. What did that dude miss in his Google searching when he chose his partner?

    There are too many problems with your learn from the animals idea to list. It's akin to learning from children (gosh darn, aren't they WISE), or romanticizing the lives of those barely surviving in barbaric or deprived conditions (gosh darn, aren't they WISE).

    The animal kingdom is brutal and unforgiving. Maybe we did copy them after all ... before learning how tasty they are.

  6. Anonymous9:25 PM

    "The earliest serious work on the development of airfoil sections began in the late 1800's. Although it was known that flat plates would produce lift when set at an angle of incidence, some suspected that shapes with curvature, that more closely resembled bird wings would produce more lift or do so more efficiently." H.F. Phillips patented a series of airfoil shapes in 1884...

    At nearly the same time Otto Lilienthal had similar ideas. After carefully measuring the shapes of bird wings, he tested the airfoils below (reproduced from his 1894 book, "Bird Flight as the Basis of Aviation") on a 7m diameter "whirling machine". Lilienthal believed that the key to successful flight was wing curvature or camber. He also experimented with different nose radii and thickness distributions.

    There ya go, if it wasn't for birds then who would have thunk it a good idea to fly - and when the inspiration took hold within the mind and imaginations of us lunatics then who did we learn from?

    Birds taught us about the wing, the aerofoil section and its varying abilities. Birds like the albatross with high aspect ratio wings were designed for gliding, birds with low aspect ratio wings were designed to maneuver, just like the gliders (long narrow wings) and stunt planes (short fat wings) we have today.

    Animals have already taught us heaps.

    You know, back when I was an albatross one of me relos said we (us birds) tried to tell you guys how to fly back before the days of Moses' mother - but no one would listen - so we took to shitting on you instead.

    Can you imagine what we thunk when your reply to such an insulting act was to treat same as GOOD LUCK?

    Fucking weirdos.


  7. Yeah, good on the fucking birds.

    Now, tell me about chimps ripping off each others' heads or eating their young.

    Next you'll be telling me all about gay animals.

    And yeah, again: THANK YOU birdies, for the whole flying thing.