May 18, 2013

PM sticks to revolutionary plan to obfuscate to the bitter end

 Graham Richardson, still being paid to tell us what we already know:

 The program began with my colleague David Speers interviewing the Prime Minister.

He put to her that the budget would have been in deficit even if the $17 billion writedown in government revenue had not occurred. It was a simple point. The government's own figures prove it conclusively: if there is a $19.4bn deficit then obviously even an extra $17bn does not turn the deficit into surplus. Gillard obfuscated in the same irritating way she always does when faced with uncomfortable truths. I listened as she avoided giving a direct answer.
She has never understood that she would be far better off admitting what the rest of the country knows to be true.

Alas, even when not being confronted with inconvenient truths or uncomfortable hunches, Gillard bobs, weaves, condescends and obfuscates as if the entire populace (not just journalists) is comprised of blithering idiots, too foolish and ignorant to recognise the insult.

This - if it's at all possible to single out only one thing, and I don't believe it is - is the defining reason for Gillard's shockingly disappointing failures as Prime Minister.  

Budget was last will and testament

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