April 6, 2013


One thing is for sure, and it is perhaps best left to a Daily Mail headline: ''With sales of 2012's daftest fashion craze up 600 per cent, the jokers who invented it are laughing all the way to the bank.''
It's called a jumpsuit.  Babies wear them. 

The onesie is not an invention

No adult, in the privacy of their home or in public, should ever wear a large baby jumpsuit.

The power of the onesie


  1. Why would I want a big warm jump suit? I've still got a bunch of blankets with sleeves kicking around the place from three winters ago.

  2. Yeah, those armed blankets were very Jetsons (or what I imagine they wore on cold nights, but was never shown), and disturbing. Or maybe just inspired by monks.

    But the armed blankets are so yesterday.

    You'll have to get yourself a suite of onesies, Geoffff.