April 19, 2013

Duck Friday


  1. This is taking the whole philosophy of anatidaephilia much too far. That man is a anatidaephilian fundamentalist. All decent civilised mainstream anatidaephiles repudiate and condemn this behaviour.

    1. But Geoffff ... see how contented they look!

    2. That makes it even worse. Likely that duck has been abused since ducklinghood.

    3. Or not.

      Seems to me that the duck works in partnership with a psychiatrist, helping to rid the world of anitidaephobia.

      A laudable social service for humans and ducks.

  2. All this talk about ducks is making me hungry.

    I'm told there are a string of restaurants in Melbourne called "Duck" that specialise only in Peking Duck. Interesting concept. They do that in Beijing but they have a market like about 75 million people.

    Any good?

    There used to be a place at the casino called "Duck" that only served up duck but about 50 versions of it. I had lunch there once or twice years ago. Or maybe it was dinner. Maybe it was both lunch and dinner.

    Also an interesting concept.

    It overlooked this line of war surplus flame throwers on the riverbank so you could sit eating your Cherry Duck Flambé and watch the pigeons get incinerated every few minutes in what I took to be cutting edge Melbourne performance art.

  3. A string of restaurants called "Duck" ... must be a small string, none within my vicinity, although do have some non-specialist eateries that dish up consistently tasty duck.

  4. Anonymous10:12 PM


    Can it be cured that is.

    Do you go to the quack, or the vet?


  5. Straight to the Quack Vet.