March 19, 2013

Won't flinch, won't govern

"If I haven't flinched yet, why would I flinch now? she told Fairfax.

"I'll just keep getting on with it and dealing with the issues that actually matter and all of this kind of side commentary can do whatever it does. It's not going to deter me or distract me."
It's true, too.  Prime Minister Julia Gillard is so concentrated on not flinching that the country can go to a hot place in an across the body leather trimmed laptop bag and she won't notice.  She's that focused on flinching - or not.  It's her sole claim to fame - she's going for a place in the Guinness Book of Records -  that and being the first female Prime Minister of Australia.

The commentary continues to do what it does.

The government members continue to govern for each other and some union guys.

Gillard fails to flinch.

The Sun rises and sets.

The Federal ALP Government in action. 

PM says she won't flinch on leadership 

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