March 21, 2013

She flinched

Julie Gillard flinched, despite, only a couple of days ago, asserting that she would never do such a thing.

The men - it's almost all men - of the federal ALP caucus were too gutless to get a back bone between  them.  They did not even attempt to contest their abysmal leadership.  Bugger the numbers.  There was no count.

Notably, and confirming my persistent thought, not one of them was prepared to lead the ALP to certain defeat, even if it might save a few seats, albeit, very few.   The more seats the ALP loses at this year's federal election, all the harder for whoever is left, including those with primeministerial aspirations, to achieve success in their lifetime, or to even form a plausible opposition.

Today, Julia Gillard and her party handed the Liberal and National Parties staggering power.  Likely unprecedented.

I hope the Libs and the Nats are celebrating.  Soberly.  Very soberly.  With great power comes great responsibility.  They will need to keep their heads when they take over the country in September.

If the ALP had not run a chaotic, punch-drunk government for the last five years, we wouldn't all be in this incomprehensible situation.

Yes, the federal politicians - most especially Gillard and her team - insist that it's all about them. 

Julia Gillard seriously believes that her fortitude, her stubborn - indeed resolute - inability to do anything remotely sensible to run her party, let alone the country, is of value in and of itself; is a personal quality self-evidently warranting her place in The Lodge.  It's one of the worst reasons for any individual to believe they should be, or should continue to be, Prime Minister.

The joke is over. 

This is deadly serious.


  1. Yep! Gillard really fucked it up!

    Requiescant in pace, ALP.

  2. Diodorus, 16.87.1... the drinking after dinner Philip downed a large amount of unmixed wine and forming with his friends a comus in celebration of the victory paraded through the midst of his captives, jeering all the time at the misfortunes of the luckless men.

    Philip II of Macedon having defeated the Greeks at Chaeronea in 338 BC. One might substitute Tony Abbott for Philip II and you get the picture. Or - more pertinently watching Sky News - the day by day more execrable Michael Kroger. Truly, I thought the fellow was going to suffer premature ejaculation on pay tv!

    Yesterday the Sydney Royal Easter Show visited itself upon Canberra and sideshow alley ensconced itself in Parliament House. The entire show was farce of the highest order. It is clear that voters do not want Julia Gillard no matter her perceived strengths and weaknesses. It is just as clear voters do not want Tony Abbott no matter his perceived "reformed" persona or not. Fact is, the ALP has given voters no choice in the matter. The ALP has signed its death warrant. The PM's statement should have ended with a paraphrasing of the Roman gladiators' salute to the emperor "we who are about to be decimated and made utterly irrelevant, salute you!"

    In 2010 these same individuals marched into the PM's office. There followed the caucus meeting where many a knife was produced and Rudd was deposed. He may well have uttered "et tu Gillard?"

    Yesterday Simon Crean (showing at least some intestinal fortitude) marched into the PM's office and declared to her what everyone knows: dead woman walking as far as the electorate is concerned. There followed the caucus meeting where many a knife was produced and Rudd bled political credibility like the proverbial stuck pig. He may have been heard to utter "et tu Rudd?"

    What a fool. Does he really think that anyone believes his decision not to stand was based on his promise not to challenge? The rude fact is that, once again, he was forced to the gladiatorial arena before he was ready and he did not have the numbers. This is the only reason he did not stand. In the end he stabbed himself and the sharp, greedy knives whose wielding he facilitated will now sate themselves on his wretched supporters. Those, that is, who will not follow Fiztgibbon, et al and fall upon theirs like good and noble "Romans".

    Rudd is finished. Then again, he may well be the "beast" of the Eagles' Hotel California...

    They stab it with their steely knives
    But they just can't kill the beast.

    1. As well as the federal ALP being totally fucked (again), surely the myth that all blame sits with Rudd and his wicked, clever ways, must also, finally be put to bed, Father.

  3. How many times does she have to fuck up, before "this time" is the last?

    We ran out of toes and fingers to count (even iJustin) a long time ago.