March 22, 2013

Prime Minister with no authority, leading caucus of fools

Her mettle has been vindicated, wrote one journalist.  Pfffttt!

We woke up to a new day, and yet Julia Gillard was still Prime Minister.  In name only.

The legitimacy of the Gillard Government has never been accepted by the public.  No matter which way you slice it or dice it, this singular failure rests with Gillard and commenced with the decision to knife Kev Rudd.  From that point, there was no recovery for Gillard or for the ALP.  I wrote as much at the time.  (Go back, have a look!)

To be seen as a legitimate government, headed by a respected and legitimate Prime Minister, with all the authority that goes with the role, is beyond the reach of the ALP and beyond the reach of Julia Gillard.

Their grasp of political reality for these five long years has been flimsy, delusional, spiteful, utterly self-absorbed.  Their stunningly industrious and frighteningly voluminous passing of legislation has been destructive and aimless. Their governance of themselves and the country has been chaotic and insular on a daily basis. Any voter in search of a federal vision continues to wonder the streets empty handed.

In every possible way, the Federal ALP has managed, over five years, to sink to every occasion.

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