March 23, 2013

Places you can't visit, some of which don't exist

There's a book, top 100 places that we'll never visit.  Here are ten of those places.

Snake Island

Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Sao Paulo State, BrazilSecrecy overview Access restricted: a snake-infested island off-limits to visitors.

Brazil - Snake Island - Ilha de Queimada Grande 

RAF Menwith Hill

North Yorkshire, EnglandSecrecy overview Operations classified: a US-run base purported to be part of the ECHELON surveillance system.

The Queen's bedroom, Buckingham Palace

Westminster, London, England.  Secrecy overview High-security location: the private chamber of the Queen.

Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant

Northern EthiopiaSecrecy overview Access restricted: the purported home of the Ark of the Covenant.

Dulce Base

Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, USA.  Secrecy overview Existence unacknowledged: believed by some to be home of an underground extraterrestrial base.

Wildenstein Art Collection

Stored around the world. Headquartered in Paris.  Secrecy overview Location uncertain: said to be the most valuable private art collection in the world.

The Amber Room

Purportedly in an underground cavern on the German-Czech border. Secrecy overview:  Site of historic mystery: an ornate room seized by the Nazis and later lost.

North Sentinel Island

Andaman Islands, Bay of BengalSecrecy overview:  Access restricted: a remote island whose people reject contact with the outside world.

Photos of North Sentinel Island - and the happy people who have staved off civilization

The rescue of Primrose (1981) and more about the Island

Don't go to the Island

The Tomb of Genghis Khan

Assumed to be in the Khentii Province of eastern MongoliaSecrecy overview: Location uncertain: last resting place of the legendary Mongol leader.

Woomera Prohibited Area

Woomera, Australia.  Secrecy overview Operations classified: the world's largest land-based weapons testing area.

Extract from Daniel Smith's 100 Places You Will Never Visit.

Secret spots: 10 places you will never visit.

Photos of the ten places you will never visit ... but since some might not exist, it's false to claim there are photos of each of the ten places you will never visit


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    1. It has affected Canberra tourism awfully, Geoffff.