March 19, 2013

Make bed and get permanent residency in Australia

No, you don't have to make your bed and sleep in it.  (Doesn't the latter mess up the former?)

At least not if you're a cowardly adulterous man with enough money to travel through a few countries, buy a place on a boat, and claim that the husband of your attractive, younger lover will most certainly kill you - in an "honor killing" if you're sent home. That's what one Iraqi taxi driver claimed, having arrived on our shores barely more than a year ago.  The Refugee Review Tribunal was so taken with his story of illicit sex and being found out that they decided to let him stay in Australia.

His mistress was beaten by her husband until she confessed the affair, and he then divorced her.

Refugee Review Tribunal member Rosemary Mathlin found in December that although he did not fear harm for a convention reason - such as race or political opinion - she awarded "complementary protection" because it was "highly probable that if the applicant returns to Iraq he will be killed by the husband of his former lover".
Adultery now a reason for refuge ... if you're a man

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