March 23, 2013

Even the Kardashians can't keep up

Ever watched the Kardashians?  I have.  A few very old episodes were repeated on a free to air channel late at night a year or two ago.  I saw several episodes, each blatantly story-boarded, and each blatantly scripted.  Their franchise of shows (what next - The Kardashians do Kuwait?) is thread bare of anything resembling a fly-on-the-wall camera following a family's everyday life.  This stuff is episodic, neatly packaged, even topical or educational, at least within the confines of an hypnotically self-obsessed, asinine family in pursuit of wealth, built largely on the sex tape of one of the Kardashian off-spring. 

Self-evidently, the shows aren't comprised of edited footage from anyone's real day to day life.  If you're going to make cheap shows, it must be a great deal cheaper to write scenes, hand out scripts, and shoot for a few hours a week, rather than to cross-fingers that something comprehensible or compelling will accidentally fall out from a film crew following this narcissistic and uninteresting bunch for 24 hours a day. 

No surprise that a producer of one of the shows has admitted, in writing, for a court, that there is nothing real about the Kardashian franchise.  Good thing.  Can't believe it took this long.  Unlikely this admission will finally put an end to this rubbish though, or save the empty souls of those who watch the shows.

For too many people, hyper-reality is still more interesting than real life.  Not edifying, but there it is.
The producer on Keeping Up With the Kardashians says scenes were "scripted, reshot or edited" to make Kris Humphries look bad.

Russel Jay submitted a legal deposition for the divorce trial, which has been obtained by Life & Style magazine.

In the 165-page official document, the TV show's producer says that Kim Kardashian was well aware of Humphries' "surprise" proposal.

Apparently she demanded the proposal scene be shot more than once because, as the publication reports, "she didn't like how her face looked in the first take".

The crewmember also claims that at least a couple of scenes "were scripted, reshot or edited" to vilify Humphries following Kardashian's decision to divorce the athlete.

According to the publication, Jay states that Kardashian actually filmed the scene where she reveals to her mother Kris Jenner she was having trouble in her marriage months after filing for divorce.
 Kim Kardashian faked divorce scene: producer ... and the proposal scene, and every other scene 


  1. Y'know, I've never seen an episode. I hadn't even heard of them until someone said something in the media a few days ago and I remembered you had posted on them. I thought they were a sitcom. You know, like "The Kumars At No 42"

    Seems I wasn't that far out. Have to catch an episode to see what it's about.

  2. You must have been exposed to their images though, surely Geoffff - even if you weren't aware of it. Mind you, I guess we look at different junk magazines and gossip columns.

    No, alas, they're not at all like the Kumars. The Kardashians have no sense of humour: none. They take themselves very seriously indeed.

    The variously named shows are about nothing, but not in a Seinfeld kind of way.

  3. I just Googled up a few images of them and I've got nothing.

    I'm hopeless with pop culture. I could not name a single character or actor in an Australian soap let alone American.

    Many years ago I visited the CEO of a TV production house who had a very sticky problem. In the course of the conversation the name "Gary Sweet" came up. I looked blank. He's a big TV star, explained TV bigwig. Is he? I said.

    "Yes very big and very famous although you probably don't get much exposure to that sort of thing" said bigwig dryly. He still needed my help.

  4. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I saw Garry Sweet on a celebrity game show once - Wheel of Fortune. I remember clearly he wanted to buy a vowel, and when asked which vowel Garry asked for a "c".


  5. iJustin - I saw him once, about eight years ago. He looked small, bald, and aging. His co-star at the time, a young, attractive woman looked young and attractive. It was at an old, dingy, never renovated, small milkbar type of place, the sort that make money purely via the fact of there being nowhere else for people to get a coffee. Not the sort of place that would sell vowels.

  6. I think the bigwig CEO was overly starstruck, Geoffff.

    Sweet has been in the occasional good film, and he's better on the big screen - to my mind - than on the small screen.

    He's made a good living, I expect, from being a regular in many long running television series. He's been employed in acting, in other words, over many decades, which is unusual for an Australian actor.

    He's well known, I suppose, but I'd guess that many wouldn't be able to name him if shown a photo. He's sort of famous, within the borders of Australia, but I don't think anyone would call him a star. He's had a decent acting career, but has not been given better opportunities - in film - that I think he'd be able do. Perhaps when he's really old, someone will figure out that he's a good actor and can do more than phone it in for television.

  7. I'm glad to hear that Caz. Since then I know a bit more about him and have seen him in the odd thing.

    Speaking of stars, Justin, you will be proud to hear that the image of your feet is now 204th on Google Images for "Picture of someone's feet". It is even helping to attract punters to my blog.

    I thought that would please you.


  8. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Poor old Garry Sweet did struggle in that celebrity game - asking for a "C" wasn't the only thing that made one cringe. Lucky he make a quid from acting wise he would have quite possibly struggled through life.

    Geoff, I knew I should have used a stand in - but did you ever consider that a pic of iJustin's ugly old pegs will only attract anatomically incorrect Tasmanians to you blog - and that's only if they have the internet, which they don't?

    You'd have better luck with KK's naked bum - and yes, I do (now) know a little bit about KK and family (thanks to Caz).

    Lucky for Garry Sweet that can make a quid acting - Luck for KK that she can make a quid from flashing her arse - lucky for both of them hey, because how else would they survive?


  9. OK: which bloody feet, and when were they posted?!

  10. It's more than a "flash", iJustin. KKs arse is postcode enabled.

    (Or as my daughter would suggest, her arse has it's own field of gravity.)

  11. Those feet (of which I have not observed personally) would attract those with a foot fetish. With any luck, no Tasmanians have a foot fetish, so won't find you out.

  12. Here are said feet on my blog Caz

    And if you GoogleImage "someone's feet" this page comes up at 204 by my count using all fingers