March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday at the Zoo


  1. Lots of good pics, Caz. Never ever seemed to have much luck when we went to the Zoo.. They were all asleep or hiding in bushes or caves..

    Perhaps the animals saw us coming..

    1. Three trips to the gorilla enclosure before we were in luck, and even then, we were literally walking away, was time to take our weary bodies home. They were the last pics I took for the day.

      A fluke we saw them at all, I think. You could stand there for hours and not see so much as a hairy arse poking up over a hill.

  2. Terrific bunch of animals Caz. I reckon animals are happier in a good zoo than anywhere else. Where would you rather be? Out in the jungle earning a living? Or around the pool at the Peppers Resort & Spa at Salt ordering a cool cocktail in a tall glass with a little umbrella before the late afternoon remedial massage?

    What great gorillas. I love it the way they paint each other silver at a certain age as an emblem of wisdom and respect. It shows faith in culture and the old ways despite the jars and shocks of the future. We have a lot to learn from gorillas.

    1. Geoffff - The fourth pic from the bottom, I'd have to look up their name: not a single one in the wild anymore, only in captivity, and having good success breeding them at Werribee. Last time an attempt was made to re-establish a group of them in the wild, only a few years ago (overseas, not here), they were all dead within 12 days - they're killed for their horns. Go bloody figure. Humans can be such selfish, stupid, arseholes.

    2. Tell me about it.

      I'm generally a skeptic about returning animals raised among people to the wild and it's not just because there are too many humans out there and therefore it is cruel.

      I don't think that orangutans that have been snatched as babies by poachers from their dying mothers and rescued from the pet trade should be returned to the wild even if it is carefully done.

      They should be kept in groups in large specially designed reserves in another part of the world among skilled humans whose job it is to ensure they get the best care and attention known to science.

      They should be treated like Holocaust survivors.

    3. ... Should NOT be returned to the wild ...

      Same with dolphins. What's a dolphin that's been raised in a Vegas swimming pool for instance supposed to do after being flung out into the middle of water universe and suddenly discovers no one around is interested any more in fish for tricks?

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    iJustin rescued a bear just the other day. It would have been stuffed without my Christian assistance.

    Now the poor bastard is totally stuffed - but it wasn't my fault.


    1. That's just tragic.

      And you need better set designers!

    2. Anonymous3:27 PM

      The fuckwit needs a lot more than better set designers, that's for sure.


    3. I'm with you Benjamin.

      But don't gum the hand that feeds you.

      Have you considered a combined stage act with a stuffed old gorilla and a dead green troll with a stupid grin?

  4. Anonymous8:09 PM

    "But don't gum the hand that feeds you."

    I wish!

    For some strange reason you have to be a bird to get a feed around here.

    I've asked, I've pleaded, I've fucking begged, but all I get is: "You're stuffed - get over it".

    Stuffed old gorilla and a dead troll with a stupid grin?

    Why not - hopefully I'll get a decent feed - even an indecent one would do, anything.

    Hungry and hung over



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