February 22, 2013

Ruddton Landslide!

Over at The Hun, they're all excited because they've got their hands on a poll that proves K.Rudd would blitz it to a stunning win for the ALP at this year's federal election.

Kevin Rudd would catapult Labor into an election-winning position if he was reinstalled as leader, according to a new Galaxy poll. 

The Courier Mail reports a comeback by the former prime minister would deliver a massive 14 percent boost to Labor's primary vote, putting it in line to seize two thirds of the seats in Queensland.

The poll of 800 Queenslanders found federal Labor's support, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the helm, was stuck on 33 per cent support - close to its primary vote at the last election.

This would see Tony Abbott lead the Coalition to victory by 55 per cent to 45 per cent on a two party preferred basis in Queensland if preferences flowed as they did in 2010.

But Labor's primary vote would soar to 47 per cent in Queensland if Mr Rudd returned to the leadership and faced off against Mr Abbott, the poll found.

Under the Rudd scenario, Labor would win the election by 53 per cent to 47 per cent on a two party preferred basis.
To translate:  Kevin Rudd would lead the ALP to a landslide victory in Queensland.  Maybe

Kevin Rudd would lead Labor to election victory, victory, victory, victory! 

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