February 17, 2013

Just wait

Dubbed the Prime Minister-in-Exile by his ALP colleagues, political insiders now believe he is increasingly likely to take a second shot at a political resurrection, with MPs deeply despondent over the performance of the government and Treasurer Wayne Swan's woes over the mining tax.

The prospect has the Liberal Party on high alert that the promised September 14 election could be scrapped if the Labor Party dumped Julia Gillard as Prime Minister.

Liberal strategists are preparing alternative advertising campaigns in preparation for a Rudd-led ALP, hammering him as "chaotic" and "a psycho", using his colleagues' comments during last year's bitter leadership contest and the leaked potty-mouthed video.
The footage is waiting, the endless quotes are waiting, the free kick and money for jam for whoever has the Liberal advertising contract is waiting.

If Rudd is reinstated as Prime Minister and leader of the ALP at any time in the next 100 years, the campaign against him will be short, devastating and entirely effective.  All written by his ALP colleagues.  

Kevin Rudd cancels plans to crash Prime Minister Julia Gillard's party in Adelaide

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