February 4, 2013

ALP campaign running according to plan

... few voters of either persuasion appear intent on rewarding the PM for subjecting them to an eight-month campaign.

Nor do they believe her motive was to provide the country with stability and certainty - rather to insure the government against resignations or a leadership challenge.

Re-enforcing the view that the PM has a significant battle ahead of her to restore trust with the community, 53 per cent of voters said they didn't believe her explanation. Only 41 per cent accepted the PM's claims.
MPs yesterday questioned her judgment in announcing an election date on Wednesday. "If Rowan Atkinson had written the last week for a part for Blackadder, he'd have thrown out the script because it would be too silly," one MP said.
ALP national secretary George Wright declared "so far, so good"
The former PM, who earlier this week appeared on morning show Sunrise and with a chainsaw helping flood victims in Queensland with their clean-up, today tweeted about the joys of his new granddaughter.

It was accompanied with a picture of a relaxed Mr Rudd reclining on the lounge with his daughter Jessica's new baby, a rattle, and a soft toy.

He wrote: "Heaps of fun having baby Josephine home."
Try as I might - and I haven't tried at all - I don't begrudge Kevin Rudd his schadenfreude.

Voters not believing Gillard 

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  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I suppose one could bet a Bob that Bluey may have a Car crash, that's if they decide to keep Labor rudderless.


  2. With rudder or rudderless, they're still fooked.