January 10, 2013


Nooooooo, not that election, silly!  Don't get trigger happy, our time will come my precious ones.

It's the time of the year when those who didn't indulge too much during the festive season put on their thinking beanie to vote for the 2012 Word of the Year, as yearly brought to you by the Macquarie Dictionary.

You'll especially notice that our official lexical gate keepers are again confused about the nature of "a word". 

"Wine flu", for example, is not a word, ditto "over-the-top TV" or "phantom vibration syndrome".  There many not-words in the voting list.

The official keepers of our language have also fallen hard for the lazy trash mag / pop culture habit of creating combo words, or nonsense words (believing that doing such is dreadfully clever), thus we can vote on the merits of "damality" and "jorts" and "diabesity" and "Mauzzie".

Can't say I'm excited with the voting list compiled by our lexicographers for 2012, much as I'm not going to be too thrilled with the voting list I'll be presented with for our 2013 federal election. 

Word of the Year 2012 Voting Form

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