January 12, 2013

Rolicking laughs

''The study shows the Howard government clearly missed opportunities to effectively use the mining boom and strong global economic conditions to invest in Australia's future, and it debunks the myth spouted by Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey that the Howard government exercised spending restraint,'' Ms Wong said.

''Rather than investing in key infrastructure projects like the National Broadband Network, which this government is rolling out . . . the Howard government made spending decisions that made the budget unsustainable''.
ROFLMAO.  Seriously.

I also read, during the week, a rant by a federal pollie from the other side of the comedic divide, who crawled up a small hill to find a moral high-ground upon which to lecture a guy who wiped hundreds of millions of dollars from the value of a local publically listed company by sitting at a computer tapping out a fake announcement from the ANZ bank.  Cue: shock horror.  Economic vandalism, acccused the guy from the Liberals.

Sure buddy, sure.

Because politicians aren't ever economic vandals.  The financial sector doesn't commit economic vandalism every time it steps out of bed.  And any uncomfortable hunch that the entire share market is just a big crap shoot, as beautifully illustrated by the fall out from the fake bank letter, should be quickly swept under the plush carpets.

BTW:  only 14 federal budget surpluses were delivered during the last four decades, 10 of which were bought down by Peter Costello, three by Paul Keating, one by Malcolm Fraser. 

Twenty six deficits? Demonstrates that Labor and Liberal federal governments are both excellent when it comes to profligacy with our money.

Howard rejects IMFs big spender tag


  1. You have a wonderfully bipartisan cynicism, Caz. Best wishes for the new year.

  2. Cynical?

    Oh yes, but as much as that accusation is usually tossed about pejoratively, real cynicism is born of experience.


    Oh yes, always, always. At any given moment in a 24 hour clock, for every duffa on one side, there ar three lined up on the other, waiting for a camera or microphone.

    How did we come to this? Truly. How?!

  3. Ah, you are a consummate master of sarcasm and wit, Caz.

    Especially when it comes to political commentary.

    I enjoyed your takedown immemnsely! :D

  4. Now if only I could find someone to pay me, per minute, for my better moments of sarcasm. :-D