January 31, 2013

Perfectly in control one day, totally fucked the next

It's again about conveying the impression of strong leadership, saying that she is in charge, making the big decisions, seizing the initiatives. She tried this a week ago on a more minor scale when she dumped Senator Trish Crossin for high-profile Aboriginal candidate Nova Peris, although that didn't go too smoothly.

It's notable that Gillard uses the personal pronoun more than most leaders, stressing the ''I'' rather than talking about ''we'' or even ''the government''.
Twenty four hours later:

Australian Labor Party federal MP Craig Thomson: "declined an offer to surrender himself before he was was arrested at his electorate office and charged with 150 fraud offences, police say."
Tim Mathieson, he of the politically incorrect nervous jocularity, is suddenly looking like the smartest and most in-control person in the room.

Don't forget to vote: only 226 days to go.



  1. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I liked the cartoon in The Age - let them eat carbon tax.

    Yeah, the longest road possible.

    Maybe if bluey died her hair blue - that might help a bit.

    9 months is an eternity in politics, sadly the gestation will result in a bastard (of a) child regardless.


  2. Today Gillard managed to lose one of her senators.

    Forty eight hours and counting.

    *Rolls eyes*