December 15, 2012

World of retro-normative white guys going way of the Dodo

The always crisp and insightful Maureen Dowd nails the myriad failings of the Republican Party circa 2012.

Unfortunately for us, the Australian Liberal Party, which carries a not insignificant whiff or GOP retrogressive white guy, is destined for a blood-bath like victory at the next federal election, so have no motivation to clean up their act, to move into the 21st century, or to contribute to the creation of a greatly more beneficial body politic.  No, Tony Abbott and his merry men (and a few strong and able merry women) will continue to have that whiff about them.  The ALP government, which we've now endured for five years, has cemented the lowering of the tone and substance on both sides of the political divide.

The Mayans were right, as it turns out, when they predicted the world would end in 2012. It was just a select world: the G.O.P. universe of arrogant, uptight, entitled, bossy, retrogressive white guys. 

Just another vanishing tribe that fought the cultural and demographic tides of history. 

Someday, it will be the subject of a National Geographic special, or a Mel Gibson movie, where archaeologists piece together who the lost tribe was, where it came from, and what happened to it. The experts will sift through the ruins of the Reagan Presidential Library, Dick Cheney’s shotgun casings, Orca poll monitoring hieroglyphics, remnants of triumphal rants by Dick Morris on Fox News, faded photos of Clint Eastwood and an empty chair, and scraps of ancient tape in which a tall, stiff man, his name long forgotten, gnashes his teeth about the 47 percent of moochers and the “gifts” they got. 

Instead of smallpox, plagues, drought and Conquistadors, the Republican decline will be traced to a stubborn refusal to adapt to a world where poor people and sick people and black people and brown people and female people and gay people count. 

As the historian Will Durant observed, “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” 

President Obama’s victory margin is expanding, as more votes are counted. He didn’t just beat Romney; he’s still beating him. But another sign of the old guard’s denial came on Friday, a month after the election, when the Romney campaign ebulliently announced that it raised $85.9 million in the final weeks of the campaign, making its fund-raising effort “the most successful in Republican Party history.” 

Why is the Romney campaign still boasting? You can’t celebrate at a funeral. Go away and learn how to crunch data on the Internet. 

Outside the Republican walled kingdom of denial and delusion, everyone else could see that the once clever and ruthless party was behaving in an obtuse and outmoded way that spelled doom. 

The G.O.P. put up a candidate that no one liked or understood and ran a campaign that no one liked or understood — a campaign animated by the idea that indolent, grasping serfs must be kept down, even if it meant creating barriers to letting them vote. 

Although Stuart Stevens, the Romney strategist, now claims that Mitt “captured the imagination of millions” and ran “with a natural grace,” there was very little chance that the awkward gazillionaire was ever going to be president. Yet strangely, Republicans are still gobsmacked by their loss, grasping at straws like Sandy as an excuse. 

Some G.O.P. House members continue to try to wrestle the president over the fiscal cliff. Romney wanders in a daze, his hair not perfectly gelled. And his campaign advisers continue to express astonishment that a disastrous campaign, convention and candidate, as well as a lack of familiarity with what Stevens dismissively calls “whiz-bang turnout technologies,” could possibly lead to defeat. 

Who would ever have thought blacks would get out and support the first black president? Who would ever have thought women would shy away from the party of transvaginal probes? Who would ever have thought gays would work against a party that treated them as immoral and subhuman? Who would have ever thought young people would desert a party that ignored science and hectored on social issues? Who would ever have thought Latinos would scorn a party that expected them to finish up their chores and self-deport? 

Republicans know they’re in trouble when W. emerges as the moral voice of the party. The former president lectured the G.O.P. on Tuesday about being more “benevolent” toward immigrants. 


  1. I take it you did not score a meal at Kirribilli House then Caz?

    " Last night Ms Gillard hosted about 25 female bloggers and web writers - whose sites reach about 2.5 million people - at Kirribilli House, as she gears up to use gender issues to maximum advantage in the coming election year.

    "Labor strategists increasingly see gender working for Ms Gillard and against Mr Abbott, especially since the PM's ''misogyny'' speech in October, which received international coverage"

    Read more:

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    See the problem?

    Indeed, not even a token political blogger invited, as far as I could tell.