December 3, 2012

They're going to do what?!

Now that Palestine has been blessed with some form of statehood by the UN, Israel is plenty pissed-off. 

Israel has approved another 3000 new settlements East Jerusalem and the West Bank, but not satisfied that this signals the depth of their pissed-off-edness, some bright spark believes it only fair and proper to withhold $96M in taxes and other funds that Israel collects on behalf of Palestinians.  They'll use the money to pay down debts to the Israel Electric Corporation and other Israeli bodies.

Wonderful stuff.  Peace should descend any day now.


  1. And a huge and welcome boost for the Israeli construction industry,

    well overdue

  2. Only $96 million?

    Those frigging iron dome missiles cost about $50 000 each and the Israelis had to fire about 1000 of them.

    1. Noooo, economies of scale would have reduced the cost to about $50 each by now, surely.

  3. They've been building thousands for years ... didn't think it ever stopped. Well, for only brief and official moments, never actually stopped.

    Would have thought the building industry and demolition industry was pretty buoyant.

  4. Anonymous7:17 PM

    It will just give the rest of the world even more reason see them settlers as a bunch of greedy callous bastards, and that dopey Yahoo as the belligerent fuckwit he truly is.

    Even R J Hawke has had enough of them looney tunes.


    1. Three cheers for E1

      All 4.1 square kilometres of it.

  5. Stop reading the Fairfax press. It will rot your already rotten brain.

    Here's a modest proposal

    Seven steps to a fair and reasonable peace that might even satisfy the Gareth Evans/Bob Carr/Bob Hawke school of solving the problem of Israel.