December 9, 2012

30 tinnies not enough, and not a ban

Vexed:  to ban alcohol in remote Aboriginal communities, or to allow our government to treat the indigenous population in the same manner as any other adult in the country - free to destroy their lives, and the lives of those around them, with alcohol?

I've erred on the side of the alcohol bans, even though drugs aren't banned, so it barely seems useful.  It also reeks of infantalising grown men and women, which is exactly what so many policies and public debates relating to Australian Aboriginals do.

Still, given the evidence of good produced by the bans, I was surprised to see that one indigenous group is taking legal action to try to win the right to let the grog free again.  Strange, thought I.  Unfortunate if they win, thought I.  Why would they do it, I thought.

Then I thought:  holy fucking shit!

You see, on Palm Island, from whence the High Court challenge comes, distilled drink, wine and full-strength beer are banned - excellent, this has helped the community immensely; men, women and children alike.  But wait!  They can still purchase mid-strength beer, limited to one 30-can carton at a time.

Startled, I was.  An alcohol "ban" that means no more than 30 cans of beer in one go.  Thirty cans would last most people quite some time, surely.  And with said thirty cans of mid-strength in hand - it's not even low-strength - why would anyone feel compelled to overload this already heavy-drinking population with more and stronger alcohol?

I hope they don't win the challenge to have the non-ban of alcohol overturned.

Top indigenous body seeks role in grog appeal


  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    There's always petrol (unleaded of course) - but us Tasmanians prefer metho on the rocks - with a touch of blackkberry essence for the ladies (and kiddies).

    Sort of queer living in a democracy where one mob is treated differently to the other.

    One would hope if the black fellas had more constructive and creative things to do they may not have to manage their boredom in such a self destructive manner.

    But us white fellas seem to be treating the consequences of boredom rather than the cause.


    1. Yes, sort of queer iJustin, but white fellas have been treating the cause of boredom for more than fifty years, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars (and that's only for the white fella administrators), with no fooking outcome.

      Beggars belief.

      I need a drink.

      (Noel Pearson might suggest it's time black fellas started taking responsibility for their own boredom. That nice lady elected up in the NT might say the same, too ... can't remember her name, but strong and feisty, won a seat at their last election.)

    2. Anonymous9:11 PM

      A lot of money, yes indeed Caz, to be spread about the black and white community alike. The trouble is the real cause of the black fella problem will never be addressed, nor can it be - now.

      The black fella problem is of course: the white fella. We totally fucked their fragile (think inflexible)society. We all know our history, as repugnant and glorious as it was/is.

      Time for that drink.


  2. If the Tasmanians had left any of the black fellas alive you might have a point

  3. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Yep, we killed em all, one way or the other - same will happen to the white fella - one way or the other. And dear old mummy earth will get along fine without us (until the sun packs it in).

    What goes around comes around in this the round world we live upon.


    1. The end of humans is this Friday. There will be no one left to miss us.

      Earth and the Universe will go on.