October 7, 2012

Gender card plays on

Guess who has a little gender problem? 

Recent quarterly popularity polls show that Tony Abbott is favoured by 29 per cent of women, while Julia Gillard is favoured by 27 per cent of men.

Smells like Julia has a man problem. 

Time to roll out Tim, if it's not to late.  A lost opportunity, that one, as I've said numerous times before.  Tim Mathieson is as good as a first Australian first bloke could possibly be, but being an unwed man and all, he's been hidden away, in embarrassment, instead of being wheeled out regularly, like the little treasure of The Lodge he is.  Tim has to secretly undertake his duties contributing to male health issues, men's sheds, guy stuff, whatever.  It's a shame. 

What else have we got?

Well, overall, the coalition has the support of 48 per cent of men and 43 per cent of woman, and Labor - that would be Julia's party - has the support of 31 per cent of men and 34 per cent of women.

Julia and her handbag hit squad are busy playing the gender card against Tony Abbott, and the media are lapping it up, while Julia has a get out of jail free card for having a quite large voter problem with both men and women.

Gillard and her gals are also playing the gender card as a shield to deflect examination and critique of Gillard's decisions and judgement as our Prime Minister.  Given the width and breadth of the deficiencies of her exercise of power and judgement as PM, as it affects policy, economics and key political players, it's astonishing that the gender card is being permitted.  It's gob-smacking.  Journalists have fallen into line, lest they too be accused of misogynistic fantasies. And in fear, we assume, of an Abbott government.  The luvvies would rather have an abysmal government in federal power - yes, destroying the place.

But none of that was the story this week.  No, the story was the whinging hypercritical left, cynically accusing Abbott of cynically wheeling out his wife (a woman, just by the way, for those not paying attention), to drum up votes.   A desperate bid to woo women, a blatant propaganda exercise.

How then do we label the Labor shenanigans and their handbag hit squad?


  1. You're on a roll Caz. (I'm working my down from the top)

    "How then do we label the Labor shenanigans and their handbag hit squad?" Indeed!

    I saw Margie Abbott on Agenda last night.

    Lovely lady. You could see she was quite hurt that people thought her husband a misogynist.. Though she never came right out and said so. More along the lines of you have to roll with the punches..(heh heh heh). She was at pains to point out he was just like any other husband and father when he walked through their door..
    Tone might be many things, but he's no misogynist.

    Just as Gillard is certainly no misandrist.

    This all becomes quite tedious and puerile after awhile, dont'cha think?

  2. Gillard and Labor, and many left luvvie journalists and academics, have all rolled the gender card, Kath, to defend Gillard. Then Labor decided to go the gender card against Abbott, in particular.

    They started this and now scoff that Abbott's wife steps up. I imagine they scoff every time Bishop has anything to say too ... but THAT'S not sexist of them ...

    Can only fool some of the people most of the time, not all of us.

    Really, they have created a pointless can of worms, and pretend to not notice they're on the back foot. They seem to believe they're right about Tone, despite all evidence.

    Wouldn't cha think they'd be more worried that men don't like Gillard, and women don't like Gillard, and small fluffy animals don't like Gillard?

    Nah, they think they're clever, all smoke and mirrors. As usual divert attention from the facts.