October 25, 2012


Well, well, well -  now that everyone other than Lance Armstrong has confessed, frowned a lot, wrung their hands, and generally asserted forgiveness in advance, Armstrong is still a wealthy man getting on with his life.

All of his co-conspirators, most of whom waited for nearly a decade to come clean, as it were, are lauded for their honesty.


Armstrong has been striped of his seven Tour De France wins, despite someone's clever mapping demonstrating that, if the award was gong to pass to the next - non-doped - rider in each year that Armstrong won, resort to riders below around the eighth or ninth place would be necessary. 

In other words, Armstrong did, very much indeedy, win each and every ride competing against equals.

Details of doping scheme paint Armstrong as leader

Lance Armstrong's aide talks of doping and price paid


  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Not surprising at all. Tasmaniacs (such as yours truly) were known to be excellent hill climbers, except we do it without the bennies.

    Chillies were much better, and boy did it give them dope freaks the shits.

    Nothing has really changed since the 50's in the cycling game. Tommy Simpson died from taking speed (nasty stuff) while racing, as did others, but now the drugs are more sophisticated, and so are the masking agents.

    Anyway, I got over the cycling thing when I was still young and stupid - it seemed a whole waste of time to train and race your guts out just to cross a fucking white line before all the other wackers - a bright red and blue polka dot line would be far sexier, and could really lift the image of the sport, don't you think?.

    As you can see, now I'm old and really stupid - cyclists can be like that - must be the chillie.


  2. Have you counted your testicles recently?

  3. Anonymous5:53 PM

    No lately Geoffff, But I'll get back to you - give me a moment or two.


  4. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Sorry,took me a bit longer than I thought (hard when you can only count to three) - 27 testicles all in all Geoffff, but the most depressing thing is that they all look like our current PM, sans red locks (thank the god of gonads - GOG for short, and he's the ugliest bastard you'd everlay eyes on).

    But it gets worse, my bum hole (just one for some strange reason) is identical, and of similar size for reasons of necessity, to our current pretender - how depressing is that.

    And of course my old fella is parliament itself - talks big, acts small but otherwise is practically of no use of all.

    Geoffff, please, never ask me that question again - I need a drink; the Julias are trying to figure out who's who, my anus disgusts me, and the old fella has been in recess since Alexander Downer discovered he had no testicles at all.

    Oh by the why, have you reckoned yours lately?

    But no photographs please.

    j (all balls, full of shit, but totally useless)

    1. "(all balls, full of shit, but totally useless)"

      Thought for a second you were going to compare your nether regions to a cummerbund: decorative and useless.

      Yes, I was a bit off the mark.